Saint-Malo Intra-muros, Môle des Noires
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Saint-Malo, the privateer city

The fortress city of Saint-Malo boasts that it has never been conquered! This superb city, also known as the privateer city, can be explored on foot by strolling along the ramparts inside the city walls.  Today, Saint-Malo is a seaside resort on the Emerald Coast with a coastline lined with fine sandy beaches. Known for its water sports, it is the departure town for the Route du Rhum.


Since time immemorial, Saint-Malo has been the city of sailors and great navigators driven by a desire for conquest and adventure. In the past, Jacques Cartier, Duguay-Trouin and Surcouf travelled the seas and the continents in search of probable fortunes. Later, they handed over to the crews of Newfoundland, these famous fishing boats that set off on long campaigns in the North Sea.

Today, their heirs, now talented skippers, perpetuate this grand sea tradition and set famous challenges like the Route du Rhum and the Transat Québec/Saint-Malo.



Built on a coastal rock, Saint-Malo appears to continue to defy the sea with its rich shipowners’ houses overlooking the walled city. From the ramparts, you can enjoy a great view of the seascape and the Channel Islands on the horizon.

Don’t miss Saint-Malo castle, which houses the History Museum, to learn all about the city. Stroll through the picturesque streets and enjoy the holiday atmosphere, on a terrace or in a tasty little creperie.



With its beautiful beaches forming a golden ribbon, the casino and the plush villas, Saint-Malo is a top seaside resort on the Emerald Coast, ideal for romantic weekends or family holidays. Come and sit on the sea wall and admire the multiple shades of colour between the sky and the sea.

You’ll also witness the spectacle of the tides, which at low tide reveal a landscape of islets and reefs which attract walkers. Make the most of the opportunity to walk to the Fort National, a military legacy of Vauban, Ile du Petit Bé and Grand-Bé island to pay homage to the greatest romantic, Chateaubriand, who is buried facing the sea.

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We love this part of Brittany for its cliffs, the beauty of its landscapes which are perfect for walking, the colour of the sea, and its gastronomy! Come to Saint-Malo, a gem on the Emerald Coast, for a breath of sea air and some amazing views!

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The 4 Vauban forts


Today, Saint-Malo still has traces from the Vauban era. Built at the end of the 17th century on the order of Louis XIV, four forts watch over the privateer city.