Largest tides in Saint-Malo
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Tidal information in Ille‑et‑Vilaine

Because seaside visits and walks in Brittany are dependent on the tides, it is essential to consult the tide times before you go out.


      • Wednesday 2nd February (Coefficient 102)
      • Thursday 3rd February (Coefficient 102)
      • Thursday 3rd March (Coefficient 103)
      • Friday 4th March (Coefficient 103)
      • Sunday 20th March (Coefficient 100)
      • Monday 18th April (Coefficient 103)
      • Tuesday 17th May (Coefficient 100)
      • Saturday 13th August (Coefficient 103)
      • Sunday 14th August (Coefficient 103)
      • Saturday 10th September (Coefficient 102)
      • Sunday 11th September (Coefficient 105)
      • Monday 12th September (Coefficient 105)
      • Monday 10th October (Coefficient 101)

Consult the tide times and their coefficients around Saint-Malo in real-time here.

Tidal information


HT high tide: the tide is in
LT low tide: the tide is out
Coeff. tidal coefficient: the amplitude of the tide. It is between 20 and 120, with 120 being the maximum. The higher it is, the greater the ebb at LT and the higher the sea at HT.

A spring tide is when the coefficient is greater than 100.
In Saint-Malo bay, the tidal range – i.e. the difference in the height of the water between high tide and low tide – is exceptional and can reach 13 metres! This makes Saint-Malo, and in particular the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, the setting for the largest tides in Europe. The biggest tides are the equinox tides, which occur in March and September.

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