Bistro Autour du Beurre Bordier in Saint-Malo
©Bistro Autour du Beurre Bordier, Saint-Malo
BORDIER BUTTERThe gourmet's best friend
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Bordier butter, the gourmet’s best friend

A genuine institution in Ille-et-Vilaine, the leading département for dairy production in France, Jean-Yves Bordier butter continues to delight generations of gourmets.


Bordier butter is made in the traditional way. The company essentially owes its success to its choice of top quality churned butter. Bordier butter has an inimitable taste and is available today in a collection of different flavours : unsalted, semi-salted and salted for purists, with smoked salt or seaweed for specialists and finally with yuzu (a citrus fruit originally from China) or Espelette pepper for adventurous gourmets. Just the right amount of extravagance needed to pep up your dishes and bread.

Just imagine a dozen oysters from Cancale served with bread and salted or seaweed butter…or how about breakfast with toast dripping with lightly salted butter…A life-changing experience !

Butter-making is not Jean-Yves Bordier’s only talent. His shops in Saint-Malo and Rennes sell outstanding cheeses from every region of France as well as top quality dairy products… Don’t hesitate to ask for advice, you will be offered far more as kindness, pleasure and good humour are very much part of the world of Jean-Yves Bordier.

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