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Château de Fougères, the largest fortress in Europe

Whether you’re passionate about history and “old stones” or you simply want to spend a pleasant afternoon discovering the local heritage, Château de Fougères will immerse you in the time of the Dukes of Brittany. You’ll set off on a journey back in time to the Middle Ages, where you’ll discover the largest, and probably one of the most beautiful, fortresses of Europe.


Lawrence of Arabia wrote, when he visited Château de Fougères in 1907 : “I am certain that a more beautiful exterior does not exist”.

Remarkably restored and converted, Château de Fougères, defender of the Duchy of Brittany from the year 1000 to 1500, will take you back in time to the Middle Ages. This intact and striking medieval fortress is a reminder of the area’s defensive vocation and can be visited all year.

A visual and sound trail depicting the castle, everyday life and the history of this border region of Brittany will plunge you into the heart of this fascinating period. 90 minutes of immersion in the Middle Ages

Personalised visits for anyone of any age are proposed, along with a fun trail for children and also parents. In the three main towers – Mélusine, Surienne and Raoul II – a new display plunges you into the history of the castle and Fougères. It’s simply spectacular!



Don’t forget to visit Saint Sulpice Church, just next to the castle, with its superb Baroque-style choir and nave in the shape of an upside-down boat.

At the bottom of the northern rampart of the town, don’t miss Val Nançon garden with its bucolic atmosphere on the edge of the River Nançon.

A little further away, take time to stroll around the public park (Place aux Arbres) and discover the exceptional view overlooking the castle, the medieval district and Saint Sulpice Church.


Château de Fougères is definitely worth the visit if you’re in the area. It’s one of the biggest medieval castles in France. Surprisingly well preserved, it offers brilliant views of the whole town and its ramparts.

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