Château de la Ballue in Bazouges-la-Pérouse
©Château de la Ballue, Bazouges-la-Pérouse|Simon Bourcier
Culture and heritageLE CHÂTEAU DE LA BALLUE

Château de la Ballue and its outstanding gardens

In Bazouges-la-Pérouse, a few kilometres from Fougères, Château de la Ballue transports you to an enchanted universe. You’ll discover a rolling landscape bathed in the light that characterises Brittany and which, after being discovered by the impressionists, has since inspired so many painters.


The castle is a gem of the 17th century, set in a green oasis in Bazouges-la-Pérouse, which has been linked to our literature since the 19th century. The centre of the Chouannerie (royalist uprising), the castle welcomed Balzac, Victor Hugo and Musset. Chateaubriand extolled the beauty of its gardens, which have been recreated in the mannerist style. Many contemporary artists stayed here.

A historic and family residence, Château de La Ballue has been rehabilitated and decorated in an authentic spirit. Today converted into a 5-room luxury hotel, it is an ideal venue for a sophisticated and unforgettable stay.



With the “Outstanding Gardens” label, these gardens are a wonderful display of intelligence and eccentricity, where nature plays a subtle and refined game of colours and atmospheres around a superb castle.

The first terraced geometric garden with triangular parterres, yews and privets leads on to a long tunnel of diaphanous wisteria to the second garden, designed as an initiatory journey where you move constantly from shadow to light, from intrigue to serenity, from laughter to contemplation.

The Jardins de la Ballue are famous and are regularly used as a filming location.


It’s difficult to express what you feel when you arrive and stay here. It’s like something from Alice in Wonderland. Such as when you get lost in the plant labyrinth or you find yourself standing in front of a surprising statue. When you’re surrounded on both sides by odd-shaped hedges, you could imagine that a white rabbit in a hurry could run right in front of you!

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