Château Le Rocher Portail in Maen-Roch
©Château Le Rocher Portail, Maen-Roch|Manuel Roussel

Le Rocher Portail, the French Downton Abbey

Situated in Saint Brice-en-Coglès, near Fougères and the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, Le Rocher-Portail, one of the most beautiful castles in Brittany, lets you in to discover how nobles and domestics lived in the 19th century. A “Downton Abbey” atmosphere is guaranteed.


Le Rocher Portail castle was a private residence for 400 years and has been open to the public since 2017. Built between 1596 and 1617, on the foundations of a former medieval castle, it became a listed Historic Monument in 1961. It is surrounded with moats which are supplied with water from the little River Loisance and a vast lake in which the majesty of the castle is reflected. The castle is accessed by an exceptional drawbridge.

The castle’s name comes from the fact that it stands on a rock, visible at the bottom of the façade. The word “Portail”, meaning gate, comes from the fact that it is at the gateway of Brittany.



The castle has spanned every era, unscathed by looting and war. This superb 3000 m² showcase has thus preserved an amazing wealth of antique furniture and decorations (tapestries, paintings, objects, etc.).

During the visit, you will be completely immersed in what could be called Brittany’s Downton Abbey. You’ll go back in time in this very well-maintained castle, through rooms such as the Chambre seigneuriale or the Curiosity Cabinet. Le Rocher Portail castle is a veritable museum of the history of France.

To end your discovery, take a little tour of the gardens to admire the fields of wild flowers that surround the castle. And if you feel like discovering the area surrounding the castle, you can reach part of the GR34 hiking trail from the estate.

Manuel Roussel, propriétaire du château Le Rocher Portail
©Manuel Roussel, propriétaire du château Le Rocher Portail

As a child, I dreamed of one day becoming the owner, to make this great Historic Monument known and to share it with the public. Today, together with my husband and my children, we put all our energy into it to promote this nugget of Brittany heritage !

Manuel Roussel, owner of the castle