Eric Quemener de Serialcouleurs in Rennes
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Culture and heritageSTREET ART IN RENNES

Street art in Rennes

The city of Rennes has become a reference in the field of street art. “Graffiti” is now part of the urban landscape where walls, bridges and the banks of the Vilaine are covered in artists’ works, some of which are today famous. Rennes is a place of creation and expression!


Some artists have taken up permanent residence, such as the graffiti artist Héol who repainted the façade of the building Le Grand Bleu in the Cleunay district, as well as BrezAliDeux Ben De Rennes or WAR!

WAR! can be likened to the Rennes « Banksy ». His pseudo comes from a track by Bob Marley and, just like the British artist, he does everything to keep the mystery alive concerning his identity. He paints at night-time, and to discover his work in Rennes, you’ll need to look for strange animals like fish, herons, cockerels, etc. and even flowers, like his famous poppy!


The Réseau Urbain d’Expression

While many drawings spring up illegally all over the place, the RUE keeps track of the thirty or so walls authorised following an idea by the municipality in 2002. It now provides a legal framework of practice, with these spaces made available.

Teenage Kicks

The Biennale d’Art Urbain, proposed by “Teenage Kicks” and initiated in Rennes and Saint-Malo in 2013 and then in Nantes since 2015, invites artists to create works in the public area and as part of exceptional exhibitions. It is extremely successful today with artists from the region, but also from abroad.

Ateliers du Vent

The gallery of this association, a former industrial wasteland whose walls were covered with graffiti, regularly exhibits graffiti artists inside. There is always something going on at Ateliers du Vent.

Where to observe them ?

Map of street art frescoes in Rennes

Street art RennesStreet art Rennes
©Street art Rennes

After hearing about the street art in Rennes for all this time, it was time for me to travel to Ille-et-Vilaine to see it with my own eyes ! Now I know why street art is so important in the city.

Virginie Lalère