Thabor Park in Rennes
©Thabor Park, Rennes|Franck Hamon

The parks and gardens in Rennes, havens of greenery in the city centre

Do you want to relax and take a break?  Enjoy the bucolic charm of the countryside in the city thanks to the many parks and gardens in Rennes. The climate helps, and nature takes advantage to weave among the cobblestones. Rennes is one of the greenest cities in France and naturally pesticide-free.


Thabor Park is the green lung of the city and very popular among the people of Rennes. And there’s a reason for this, as it is one of the biggest in France! Formerly the garden of the monks at the Saint-Melaine Benedictine abbey, it was extended and remodelled by the famous 19th-century landscaper, Denis Bühler.

With 10 hectares of greenery in the city centre, this park contains magnificent formal French gardens and English gardens, a cavern, a cascade, a bandstand, an aviary and a superb rose garden with over 2,000 varieties! Here you can contemplate the many tree species, like sequoias, Lebanese cedars, tricolour beeches, tulip trees, magnolias, ginkos, etc.

Opening Hours

Open every day, all year round. Opening hours vary according to the season :
> In summer from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm
> In winter from 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m

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In the centre of Rennes, Oberthür Park, named after its founder, François-Charles Oberthür, was also designed by the same landscaper as the Thabor, Denis Bühler. Designed in 1863-1864, the park, which was originally reserved exclusively for the Oberthür family, became the property of the city of Rennes in 1960 and opened to the public in 1977.

The park is a wonderful natural setting for the two mansion houses built by the founder. Covering 3 hectares, the park holds vast botanical interest. Groves of trees, a lake with landscaped banks, accessible lawns, a resting area and flowerbeds make this park a serene and harmonious place for a stroll.

Opening Hours

Open every day, all year round. Opening hours vary according to the season :
> In summer from 8am to 8pm
> In winter from 8am to 6pm

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Very wooded and hilly, Tanneurs Park stretches over more than 1 hectare. Once the garden of a beautiful 19th-century residence where several families of tanners succeeded one another, the city of Rennes became the owner in 1999 and opened it to the public.

Bordering the banks of the Ille and the natural site of the Saint-Martin meadows, this park has over 90 tree species, some of which are impressive in size, like the chestnut trees and sequoias. With an abundance of flowers, the atmosphere is peaceful and harmonious.

Opening Hours

Open every day, all year round. Opening hours vary according to the season :
> In summer from 8.15 am to 8.15 pm
> In winter from 8 am to 5.30 pm

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Situated between the Ille-et-Rance canal and a natural branch of the River Ille, roughly a 10-minute walk from the city centre, the Saint-Martin prairies are 28 hectares of greenery located away from the urban hustle and bustle. Between a natural space and a cultural space, you’ll love this island of freshness in the middle of the city.

With paths, bird observatories, picnic and rest areas, courts for playing pétanque and “palet”, “jeu de butte”, tiered stands along the towpath, guingette, sports apparatus, etc., the Saint-Martin prairies are the ideal spot for family strolls, walkers and joggers.


North-east of Rennes and covering over 100 hectares, Gayeulles Park is the largest in the city. Here in this woody area with ponds and glades, numerous open-air activities are possible, making it a leisure area with a bucolic touch. Swimming pool, paddling pool, treetop adventures, sports pitches (rugby, football, tennis, skateboard, mini golf), games areas, running circuits, bike paths, animal enclosures, picnic areas, barbecues and a camp ground occupy this space.