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Cancale, the oyster capital

The best way to appreciate the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and its many surprises is with a plate of oysters on Cancale port, soaking up the mild maritime climate and breathing in the sea air.


Resolutely focused on the sea, Cancale lives at the rhythm of its fishing port which is revealed when you arrive along the corniche. You can never tire of the picturesque spectacle offered by Houle harbour just below, while fishermen’s houses cling to the cliff in a tight row.

Hop on board La Cancalaise for a sea outing to imagine what it was like for sea fishermen in the past, or stroll along the quays to take in the atmosphere of the fish market when the boats return with the day’s catch.



At the end of Houle harbour, on Quai Administrateur Thomas, oyster lovers will be sated. The freshly harvested cupped and flat oysters spill out of the baskets on the producers’ stalls. If they make your mouth water, try them as they are, or with a sprinkle of lemon juice, on the terrace of one of the many restaurants on the port or on the oyster market facing the ocean, in a friendly and lively atmosphere.
With its national “remarkable culinary site” label, Cancale attracts food lovers while the quality of its environment inspires the best chefs in the region.

To find out all about the enthralling world of oysters, visit the Ferme Marine. You’ll learn about the history of oysters, their production and the tides.



For lovers of open spaces and pure air, the best way to discover the exceptional site of Cancale is to take the customs officers’ path (Sentier des Douaniers) which meanders along the coast. This 11 km route (GR34) will take you from Houle harbour to Pointe du Grouin opposite Ile des Landes, a site classified as a bird reserve. It provides magnificent views of Mont-Saint-Michel bay marked by the tides, clouds of birds and the passing of boats. A sensation of well-being lingers in the air. And we start to envy this place where each traditional malouinière house nurtures a unique art de vivre.



The very lovely viewpoint from the church tower; the musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires, to relive the town’s history, fishing in Newfoundland and the different traditional costumes.

Les Droneurs, Blogueurs
©Les Droneurs, Blogueurs

Discover the lifestyle, gastronomy and the incredible fauna and flora of this typical Breton town. Whether you spend just one day in Cancale or a weekend, you won’t be disappointed!

Les Droneurs, bloggers

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