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Fougères, fortress town in Brittany

The ancient town of Fougères is a listed Town of Art and History. The town’s rich past is full of twists and turns! To discover without fail!


Fougères was founded in circa 1000 on a rocky islet at the bottom of a valley between marshland and the River Nançon. Its history is still visible today in its monuments, architecture and traditions.

The town is known for its castle with 11 towers, which is also the largest medieval fortress in Europe. Take time to wander through its streets to soak up its past.

You’ll be charmed by the medieval district and its pretty multi-coloured half-timbered houses, the beauty of its churches and its gardens.

Discover the town’s belfry too. It is one of the oldest in Brittany and the symbol of the former prosperity of this ancient city of tanners and cloth-makers.

The memory of the Chouannerie as well as Breton legends feed the myths of Fougères, where the visit unfolds like a historical drama.



Fougères forest is an ancient forest covering 1,500 hectares, with marked trails (pedestrian, bridleways, mountain bike) and forest roads. The bucolic charm of the undergrowth is emphasised here and there by a touch of mystery fed by enchanting legends.

You can discover megalithic sites such as the Cordon des Druides, the dolmen of Pierre Courcoulée or the hidden Pierre du Trésor.



Set off to discover intimate nature and authentic building heritage on the Vallée du Couesnon tourist circuit. Sometimes the road is nothing more than a trail.

You’ll discover some very beautiful viewpoints and numerous windmills that bear witness to an old settlement on the river.

A fortress stands in Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier that perpetuates the memory of the Breton defeat of 28th July 1488 by the royal army.

Further north, Louvigné-du-Désert prides itself on being the long time capital of granite. Numerous quarries are still being exploited.

Victor Hugo
©Victor Hugo

II am presently in Fougères, a town which should be treated with respect by artists … I’ve seen it in sunshine, at twilight and even by moonlight and I never grow tired of the sight, it’s wonderful.

Victor Hugo

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Château de Fougères, the largest fortress in Europe


Whether you’re passionate about history and “old stones” or you simply want to spend a pleasant afternoon discovering the local heritage, Château de Fougères will immerse you in the time of the Dukes of Brittany. You’ll set off on a journey back in time to the Middle Ages, where you’ll discover the largest, and probably one of the most beautiful, fortresses of Europe.