Pointe du Grouin in Cancale
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Remarkable sitePOINTE DU GROUIN

Pointe du Grouin, an exceptional site

Pointe du Grouin is the furthest reaching advanced rocky headland in Ille-et-Vilaine and offers an amazing view. To the east, the gaze takes in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the coasts of the Channel, while the west reveals a sequence of shores and headlands interspersed with white sandy beaches.


At the extreme north of Ille-et-Vilaine, Pointe du Grouin reaches out into the sea. This wild landscape stands 40 metres above the sea and offers superb views. Dominated by a semaphore built in 1861, the rocky headland offers an incredible view of the Normandy coastline, the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel and the Emerald Coast as far as Cap Fréhel. On a clear day, it is even possible to glimpse the Chaussey Islands!



Numerous trails will take you across flowering meadows and moors, leading you to some amazing viewpoints to observe the sea and the sea birds.  In particular, a 15 km loop will show you the rugged coastline, cliffs that plunge into the sea, as well as beautiful sandy beaches tucked away between the rocky headlands.



Here in this natural site you can observe many varieties of natural species. The fauna and flora are incredibly rich. This site is home to the largest nesting site for coastal birds in Ille-et-Vilaine, such as the great cormorant, the European shag, the lesser black-backed gull or the only sea duck in Brittany, the common shelduck.
The cliff edge is carpeted with sea thrift, English stonecrop, blue bonnets, wild carrot and navelwort.

The Society for the Study and Protection of Nature in Brittany organises events in the summer and offers walkers the opportunity to observe the nesting birds on the Île des Landes bird reserve.

Les Droneurs, Blogueurs
©Les Droneurs, Blogueurs

At Pointe du Grouin you can see the sun rise and set. This makes it the perfect spot for relaxing, observing nature, watching the colours change and, why not, having a drink with your partner or friends!

Les Droneurs, Bloggers

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