Natural pool, pointe du Moulinet in Dinard
©Natural pool, pointe du Moulinet, Dinard |Thibault Poriel

Natural swimming pools in Ille‑et‑Vilaine

Swimming without having to be concerned about the tide times is something we dream of, especially when it’s warm. On the Emerald Coast, it is possible to swim at any time of day on some of the most beautiful beaches on the coast.


The privateer city has two salt-water swimming pools. The largest is Bon Secours beach. It’s the most well-known too. It was built in 1937 on the initiative of René Lesaunier, owner of “bains René”, one of three beach offices at the time. Situated by the ramparts, at Porte Saint-Pierre, it is opposite Dinard and the sea. With three diving boards, it is the delight of swimmers, at any time of day.

Then head to Eventail beach to discover the second natural pool in the town. Smaller and shallower than Bon Secours, it welcomes parents and children who simply want to cool off and paddle.


The seaside resort also has two outdoor natural swimming pools. The first is a little way from Écluse beach, at the foot of Pointe du Moulinet. It was built in 1928 by the entrepreneur Franck Bailly so that people could swim at any time. It can be reached by foot via a sea wall or directly via the beach when the tide is low.

The second is well sheltered at the bottom of Baie du Prieuré on the beach with the same name. It is bordered by a sea wall that then joins the famous Promenade du Clair de Lune.


At the foot of Pointe du Hock in Cancale, Abri des Flots beach offers a wonderful setting opposite Ile des Rimains and Rocher de Cancale. It also contains a salt-water swimming pool. It is frequented by regulars. You have to know it to find it!

There isn’t a large beach here, just a few sand banks, rocks, pebbles and the pool.