The Vélomaritime in Saint-Malo
©The Vélomaritime, Saint-Malo|EV4-Emmanuel Berthier

The Vélomaritime®

This new bike route connects Roscoff in Brittany with Dunkirk on the Belgian border, on the French part of the EuroVélo 4 (EV4) route.

Ev4 La VelomaritimeEv4 La Velomaritime
©Ev4 La Velomaritime


1,500 km by bike, from the Channel to the North Sea. Are you tempted? No, it’s not a dream, it’s the promise of the Vélomaritime®, the new bike route that meanders along the French coastline between Brittany and the Belgian border. The programme includes mythical and cultural sites and gastronomical discoveries, not to mention the physical challenge. You’ll discover one after the other three UNESCO World Heritage site, five sites with the “Grand Site de France” label, or in the process of receiving it, four national monuments and two of the most beautiful villages in France.

The Vélomaritime® also promises some lovely encounters and cheerful moments focused on gastronomy. You’ll come across local addresses and star-awarded restaurants, you can visit producers, and more. Bon appétit !

Lighting the way

Have fun counting the lighthouses as you ride! There are 50 along the way. The scenery is breathtaking too: headlands, cliffs, dunes, beaches, and always the sea disappearing into the horizon.

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