Aerial view of Saint-Malo
©Aerial view of Saint-Malo|Thibault Poriel
ExperienceA charming weekend in pays malouin

A charming weekend in pays malouin

There is more to the Emerald Coast than its picture postcard scenery. It is first and foremost a holiday and adventure resort for children and grown-ups alike. A unique getaway destination, 45 minutes from Rennes and 2½ hours from Paris.

Welcome aboard for a weekend filled with emotion!

The Bay of Mont‑Saint‑Michel, from the sky
©The Bay of Mont‑Saint‑Michel, from the sky|Teddy Verneuil


9.00: Sea as calm as a millpond, shellfish

It is said that travel broadens the mind and sharpens the appetite. So let’s start the day bright and early, especially as the children are raring to go!

So without further ado, put on your wellies and head for the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel for a memorable morning collecting and digging for shellfish. Take good care to respect the authorised zones, sizes and quantities and make sure you use the correct tools to find cockles, clams, winkles and razor clams. You are in a natural environment, so please act responsibly (only take as much as you need, bury shellfish that are too small back in the sand and replace any rocks and seaweed you have moved. Above all, be careful (check the weather forecast and tide times, check for restrictions at the local ‘Mairie’ or contact ARS or IFREMER, take a mobile phone with you and never go alone.)

Follow your trip to the seashore with a visit to an oyster farm (notably with Ostreïka or with La Maison de la Baie which runs trips to the oyster beds in its ‘mytili-mobile’) or to the Ferme Marine at Cancale, or whet your appetite for lunch with a few size 3 oysters, flat or Pacific!


12.00 : Take a break

After this busy, bracing morning, you will surely be ravenous for some lunch. You have 2 options :
1/ lunch in Cancale or the surrounding area for those who can’t wait : A Contre Courant (good food, friendly and efficient), La Table Breizh Café (a culinary journey) or Le Coquillage (delicious but you need to book a long way in advance) ;
2/ go a little further to discover restaurants of Saint-Malo like La Corderie (hushed atmosphere, an incredible view and excellent fish) or Le Bénétin (unique panoramic sea view and elegant cuisine), or carry on further to Saint-Briac and discover Le Rusty (green décor and seafood).

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14.00: Hold tight…

The afternoon begins with a choice. After a morning in the open air followed by a good lunch, you hesitate between a restorative snooze on the beach at Anse du Guesclin and a trip to Fort Saint-Père and its treetop adventure trail which will surely put a smile on the children’s faces. A difficult choice…!

Or maybe you are fascinated by the call of the open sea? Sensations Littoral offers a number of trips along the coast aboard old sailing vessels. That way everyone in the family is happy and sure to have a memorable experience.

The possibilities are endless for heritage enthusiasts. Examples include the Musée Manoli at La Richardais (devoted to sculptor Pierre Manoli, one of the first artists to create sculptures from molten metal plunged into water, whose ‘Grande Voile’ can be seen on the main concourse of Gare Montparnasse Railway Station in Paris), Saint-Samson’s Cathedral and the ‘Cathédraloscope’ (cathedral discovery centre) at Dol-de-Bretagne and the enchanting village of Saint-Suliac on the river Rance where you can stroll through vines on Mont Garrot and maybe even catch a glimpse of the remains of a Viking settlement. Enjoy!

22.00: The end of the day…

This hectic day is drawing to a close and bed time approaches. The choice of accommodation is very broad and really depends on what you’re looking for: Le Nessay (Saint-Briac) for romantics, Le Domaine des Ormes (Epiniac) for adventurers, Le Castelbrac (Dinard) for those in meditative mood or Les Charmettes (Saint-Malo) for those with a sense of fun.

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Mike and Robert (from the film The Endless Summer) have stopped dreaming of endless summers and the ‘supertube’ waves of South Africa, New Zealand, Tahiti and even California. Big waves are no longer in favour! Today, the trend is for Breiz attitude, a combination of attractive surf spots, clean straight waves, a cool atmosphere and lots of salted butter in your buckwheat galette (crepe).

In Ille-et-Vilaine, all these ingredients can be found at Saint-Lunaire with two surf spots to discover: Plage de Longchamp beach and Grande Plage beach, both ideal for beginners and experienced surfers. If you are reluctant to have a try, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from Robin, an instructor at Emeraude Surf School, or Yann and Arthur from Bernik Surf Club who organise a surf festival every autumn and who know all the finer points of local surfing.

We also recommend a session at Plage du Sillon beach (at Saint-Malo) for more surfing fun.


From Combourg to Saint-Malo, even the sea air has a touch of Romanticism! It must be said that the area, between land and sea, reason and fantasy is that of the author of ‘Mémoires d’outre-tombe’ (Memoirs from beyond the grave).

The writer was born in Saint-Malo on 4 September 1768 (at hôtel de la Gicquelais), and buried there in 1848, « with his head facing the sea » (according to Flaubert), on the islet of Grand Bé. His grave can be reached at low tide from Plage de Bon-Secours beach.


Tucked away in the walled town, away from prying eyes, is a tiny street that foodies will simply not be able to resist ! Welcome to Rue de l’Orme where the list of fine food establishments is endless : Maison du Beurre, Maison du Sarrasin, Bar à babas, etc.

And if you make your way towards the Halle au Blé (Cornmarket), you are sure to find a restaurant with a menu that takes your fancy!