Marina of Redon
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ExperienceA weekend getaway in pays de Redon

A weekend getaway in pays de Redon

Long considered as just somewhere to travel or sail through, the Vilaine Valley is definitely worth a stopover. Enjoy the opportunity to explore its wooded countryside and waterways, famous character villages, unspoilt countryside and megalithic monuments. So let’s go!

Ile-aux-Pies near Redon
©Ile-aux-Pies near Redon|Teddy Verneuil


9.00: A moorland walk…

The countryside around Redon is well worth a visit, especially off the beaten track.

So, start your expedition with the standing stones on the moors at Landes de Cojoux in Saint-Just. Go back in history to Neolithic times and explore the second-largest megalithic site in Brittany after Carnac, walking across wild moorland scenery of broom and gorse. The remains are all around you : here, lines of standing stones ; over there, barrows and tumulus ; further on, cairns and even passage graves…Families can enjoy the Discovery Trail while for those who wish to know more about the subject, the Maison Mégalithes et Landes Discovery Centre has exhibitions and guided tours.

The rocks overlooking Etang du Val at Saint-Just and at Ile-aux-Pies are ideal for rock-climbing enthusiasts. There are also numerous mountain bike tracks; you can hire bikes and accessories at Roul’Vilaine in Brain-sur-Vilaine.

12.00: Time for lunch – good home cooking

After an active morning, it’s time to recharge your batteries so let’s head for Redon. Just a stone’s throw from the marina is Ciné Café offering local organic, vegetarian food on a shady patio. You can even go to the neighbouring Ciné Manivelle cinema. Still in Redon, La Bogue is a popular address as is La Comtoise with its traditional cuisine using local produce. Finally, La Morinais is a farm restaurant at Bains-sur-Oust with delicious home-made specialities.

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14.00: Wetland visits and watery activities

Marsh birds, herons… The Marais de Gannedel, at the confluence of the Rivers Vilaine and Canut, is one of the largest wetlands in the département and, without doubt, also one of the best spots for bird watching. And with good reason, birds are especially fond of the reedbeds and watermeadows where they can reproduce without being disturbed. Around one hundred species inhabit the marshes. Enjoy visiting this remarkable site, but please respect it and stay on the Discovery Trail!

Next, take to the water and leave your car for the time being. The Repaire des Aventuriers outdoor activity centre (on the quay at Redon) is an ideal place for family fun with its famous Défis de l’Oust challenges. Bikes or electric boats, canoes, zip wires…just choose your activity and give it your all!

22.00: Bedtime calling!

Once again, you’ve left it to the last moment to book somewhere to stay…Don’t worry, you’re spoilt for choice here! There’s the Château de Bézyl and Manoir de Pommery at Sixt-sur-Aff, gites at the Manoir de la Perdrilais in Pipriac, Quenn Serenity Hotel and the barge Amarok in Redon… So no shortage of places to ensure you have sweet dreams!

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There are still many impressive religious heritage buildings in the Redon area. These include curiosities such as the Abbey Saint-Sauveur in Redon with its 57m high bell-tower which stands apart from the church itself and the Monastère des Calvairiennes, founded in 1629 by Benedictine nuns from the Abbey of Trinité-de-Poitiers, which has a 17th century altarpiece, almost entirely intact, and hiding places in the chapel which allowed nuns to avoid going to mass…

Then there is the church of Saint-Senoux and its Byzantine onion dome. Romano-Byzantine style was very much in fashion at the end of the 19th century. The architect Arthur Regnault built the church of Saint-Abdon-et-Saint-Sennen at Saint-Senoux in 1896. Strangely, it is positioned north-south rather than facing Jerusalem because of the lay of the land. Regnault also built the bell tower at Corps-Nuds. The Chapel Saint-Agathe at Langon, which once housed Gallo-Roman thermal baths, is also worth a visit.


Arthur Bernède. The name probably means nothing to you, but in Redon this is far from the case! Arthur Bernède is the author of Belphégore, a well-known detective novel set in the Louvre where a museum guard’s body is found at the feet of Belphégore, a Moabite goddess…

During his career, Arthur Bernède wrote over 200 novels. He was one of the first French writers of serialised novels which became what we know today as series and which many of us voraciously binge on!


Roasted chestnuts, marron glacé, chestnut cream or in cooking, the chestnut is a revered institution in Redon. It has its Committee, its Fair (La Teillouse), its tasting sessions and its Bogue competition, all of which make up the grand annual festival held in its honour.

But be careful not to confuse the fruits of the horse chestnut tree (conkers) and those of the sweet chestnut tree (chestnuts), as only chestnuts are edible!