Vilaine Valley
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ExperienceDiscover the Vilaine Valley with geocaching

Discover the Vilaine Valley with geocaching

The Vilaine river connects Rennes and Redon, winding through majestic landscapes and charming villages steeped in history. As you follow it, you will discover its history and hidden treasures. The simplest way to do this is with a smartphone and the mobile application Trésors de Haute Bretagne to discover the mystery cache “Le secret de La Vilaine”.


The adventure starts in Port de Roche, a stop on the Vilaine river, a few kilometres from Sainte-Anne-sur-Vilaine. Here you will discover one of the most beautiful bridges on the river. Built for the Paris World Fair at the end of the 19th century, it was taken apart and rebuilt here, in Port de Roche. It even has the initials of Napoleon III and his wife, the empress Eugenie. There is treasure hiding nearby.


Then take the Vilaine valley tourist circuit to Guipry-Messac. There, the landscape will amaze you. On the site of Corbinières, the Vilaine cuts deeply through the ground amidst large wooded areas. An astonishing railway viaduct with oblique arches spans the river. It’s simply beautiful! Somewhere, there is another treasure to uncover…


The towpath runs through serene natural landscapes as far as Guipry-Messac. On the way, stop at Mâlon lock. The lock-keeper’s house is worth a detour and the kind lock-keeper is happy to help geocachers in distress. It would seem that there is also a treasure at the bottom of a little chapel. Can you find it?

In Guipry-Messac, take time to discover the port and the history of the salt workers. The quays here still seem to resonate with the cries of the boatmen in search of treasure. A bridge too far perhaps… It’s the opportunity for a well-deserved break.


All along the Vilaine, you’ll come across picturesque little villages. In Saint-Malo-de-Phily, keep going as far as the village. The church and its frescoes by Emile Bernard, a painter from the Pont-Aven school, are worth the detour. Just like this quarry with turquoise blue water, a few metres from the Vilaine.

In Pléchâtel, the treasure hunt will take you up to the site of La Levée. You won’t regret the view! And in Saint-Senoux, the stop at the Mare aux Mortiers pool will reveal another cache and you’ll also discover a charming little village, in the middle of which stands a surprising Byzantine-style church.


The hunt continues as you go up the towpath towards Rennes, through Bourg-des-Comptes and the site of La Courbe. This is the opportunity for a new discovery on the edge of the Vilaine. This treasure will also be your last chance to reveal the Secret of the Vilaine. And if you’ve still got enough energy to pedal to the last spot, you’ll be lucky enough to see one of the most beautiful sites in Ille-et-Vilaine…


What is a mystery cache ?

The “Secret de La Vilaine” is a mystery cache. It has 6 different routes. Each one contains a clue that you must collect to reconstruct the coordinates of the treasure of the mystery cache and access it. The circuits are part of the 130 itineraries of the universe of the “Trésors de Haute Bretagne”.

Good to know

The “Secret de La Vilaine” route can be covered by bike or car.
The circuit of the Vilaine Tourist Valley can be done in both directions, from north to south or from south to north. Whether you leave from Redon or Rennes, you will always find your way thanks to double signposting.

A tip

Download the free mobile app Trésors de Haute Bretagne before setting off.